Research at Silk Road

he Silk Road Project team is involved in several research projects. Some of them are briefly listed here. Please click on them for further information (you can also email us directly).


Dynamical interactions of supermassive black hole binaries with background stars in merging galaxies before and after the coalescence - We study the dynamical co-evolution of SMBHB and its surrounding stars in gas poor environment, specially focus on the evolution of stellar tidal disruption rates in the galactic nuclei before and after the coalescence of the SMBHB - Shuo Li, Rainer Spurzem, Peter Berczik

Tidal disruption of stars by SMBHs in galactic nuclei - We investigate the disruption process using N-body simulations. Measure the disruption rate, orbital parameters and do predictions based on our results - Shiyan Zhong, Rainer Spurzem, Peter Berczik

Star-disc interactions around SMBHs  - One expects that SMBHs in galactic nuclei should harbour both stars and gas. The former can be modelled as a star cluster while the latter most likely forms a disc around the central object. The evolution of mass and spin of the central SMBH depends crucially on the way mass is accreted through the disc, which, in turns, depends not only on the disc properties but also on the star-disc interaction - Luca Naso, Gareth Kennedy,  Rainer Spurzem, Peter Berczik

Multi-phase chemodynamic galaxy formation model - Use multi-phase description of interstellar medium to study the evolution of dwarf galaxies. Meanwhile investigate the possibility of using GPU to accelerate the computation process - Lei Liu, Rainer Spurzem, Peter Berczik

Star cluster dynamics and high energy phenomena - The interaction between stars and an accretion disk in the galactic centre is important for determining the rates of high energy events, such as x-ray flares (or gravitational waves) coming from the tidal disruption of stars (or compact remnants). Also of great research interest is the role of stellar dynamics around massive black holes as the engines of active galactic nuclei and black hole growth during galaxy formation - Gareth Kennedy, Peter Berczik, Luca Naso, Rainer Spurzem

Triple Black Holes MPA - Dynamics of Triple Black Holes in Galactic Nuclei with NBODY6++ / MPA Garching Silk Road Collaboration - Rainer Spurzem, Wei Hao 

Gpu Correlator Desgin - Changhua Li


We are currently working to provide a deeper description of all of the projects.

For more detailed information you can email us, and please have a look at our publications.