Trilateral Workshop Program


First Project Meeting May 31 - June 1


Seminar Room 2 (Basement ARI), 13-16:30 (Wed), 13-15:30 (Thu)


Trilateral Cooperation Germany/Ukraine/Russia funded by Volkswagen Foundation:

Dynamical mechanisms of accretion in galactic nuclei

P.I.s: R。 Spurzem, A. Just (ARI Heidelberg), E. Polyachenko (INASAN, Moscow), P. Berczik (MAO, Kiev)


Wednesday, May 31:
 13:00 Rainer Spurzem and P.I.s; Welcome/Project Presentation/Overview/Plan
 13:30: Evgenii Polyachenko:  Linear theory predictions

 14:00: Peter Berczik: Dynamical mechanisms of accretion in galactic nuclei

 14:30: Coffee Break
 15:00 Sergey Khoperskov: New models of AGN disks
 15:30 Fabian Klein: Progress of high performance simulations of an accretion disk surrounding a supermassive black hole
 16:00 Rainer plus other P.I.s; Summary for Trilateral/Next Plans
 16:30 CLOSED Session P.I.s: Financial and Administrative Planning

17:00 END

 Thursday, June 1:
  13:00: Sara Rastello: Dynamical study of the MW Nuclear Stellar Cluster and its Secular Evolution
  13:30: Manuel Arca Sedda: The MEGaN project: investigating the evolution of galactic nuclei and their environment
  14:00: Taras Panamarev: Direct N-body simulation of the Galactic Centre
  14:30 Coffee Break
  15:00: Rainer Spurzem: Tidal Disruption Events in Galacti Nuclei
  15:30: Farewell and End