9th KCK Workshop

The 9th Kazakhstan-China-Korea (KCK) workshop on stellar dynamics and related fields  (star clusters, stellar evolution, gravitational waves, black holes in galaxies, planetary systems) took place Dec 20-22, 2017, in Seoul, Rep. of Korea (hosted by Seoul National University, Dept. of Astronomy, and KASI, co-organized by Hyung Mok Lee (SNU), Rainer Spurzem (NAOC/KIAA), and Chingis Omarov (NCSRT). For links to the program and conference picture see  9th KCK Workshop . The Korea-China-Kazakhstan workshop takes place every year since 2009, it started as a Korea-China workshop to foster regular exchange between the teams of Hyung Mok Lee (SNU) and Rainer Spurzem (NAOC).